Bolstering Canada’s skilled workforce

Did you know that only 11 per cent of new registrants in Red Seal apprenticeship training programs are women? Lack of apprentices has caused labor shortages, which can lead to delays and inefficiencies, in some parts of Canada where apprentices are required for projects. In the 2018 budget, the government announced several programs to address this situation.

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Rules for Reducing Stress

Genella Macintyre, author and international trainer and empowerment expert, led a large group of Manitoba Women in Construction members and guests in a professional development session titled “Five Steps to Stress Management” on Thursday, October 26. If you’re stressed out that you missed such an enlightening event, follow these three simple rules.

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Keys to Creating Powerful Women Leaders

The Manitoba Women in Construction hosted Jeanne Martinson, Author of Tossing the Tiara, Keys for Creating Powerful Women Leaders on Wednesday, March 15. The professional development session, held at WCA’s Construction Education Centre delved into how media and myth shape society’s beliefs about women – and women’s beliefs about themselves.

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